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Meet Our Founders

Natures Grill founder, Anastasios (Taso) Verteouris, is a first generation Greek-American who dedicated his life working in and around the restaurant business. While attending St. John’s, Taso managed his father’s restaurants and bakeries and later went on to work in some of New York’s hottest lounges and fine dining establishments. Combining his love of fitness and healthy eating, Taso opened his first Nature’s Grill in Bay Ridge in 2001. Today, with three locations in Brooklyn, Taso continues to embody his lifelong credo, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, not only do you need to train well, you need to eat well!

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 Nature’s Grill co-founder, Dimitrios (Dimitri) Verteouris, grew up with a different story than his brother Taso. Born with congenital heart difficulties that limited his ability to engage in physical activity, Dimitri struggled with his weight from a young age. In 2012, Dimitri was featured on Food Network’s reality television series, Fat Chef, where he shed 85 pounds in just three months through a non-contact, boxing-based training program. Fueled by his personal success and innate desire to help others like him, Dimitri founded Knockout Obesity, a non-profit aimed at childhood obesity prevention via fitness and nutrition education in underserved communities.

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